Thursday, March 4, 2010


This crayon recipe came from

The free printables came from

These avalanche bars came from Cookies and Cups they were Awesome

I seeen these @ the idea room Amy always has the best ideas I Love them

March Blues?

I have a little case of What I call the march blues. I know it's just silly but I LOVE February! All the little red hearts and the romantic writing is just right up my alley.
My mom always tried to make February really special for me and I only hope I can do the same for my family. No she wasn't crafty but she did it in other ways, like stopping on the road side at the first site of a fresh Strawberry stand and always buying me cute pj's and chocolate for Valentine's Day. This year has also hit me really hard because I was the same age my mom was when she died 34.

Heart Wreath

I made this cute Wreath for Valentine's Day. It turned out pretty cute.

Chicken Enchiladas

The Boy's have been Loving these Enchiladas for some time now,

They Just can't get enough of them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Giant Jaw Breakers on a stick...

Joe and I had went into Blockbusters and found these jawbreakers for the kids. We thought it was pretty cool that they came on a stick. They were very surprised and Ricky had to show Dylan how to lick it. It was to cute.

Pirates of coarse....

I took Ricky and Dylan to the South coast plaza mall a couple weeks ago. They have a carasall there and when Ricky was little he loved to ride it. So Ricky asked Dylan if he wanted to go on and of coarse he did. The lady working was so nice. She asked Dylan if he was going to ride the horse and he said NO I'm going to ride the Dragon, I'm a Pirate. He was so serious, Ricky and I just looked at each other and tried not to laugh because you know Pirates don't ride horses they ride Dragons.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dylan's Valentines pillow..

I made Dylan a cute little pillow out of a dish towel and a wash cloth and we've been putting a treat in it everyday. In the picture He was eating a Jellybean bracelet I made the night before.
But i also found a bouncy ball, some stickers, temporary tattoos, a pez machine, a police car and a few little things like that to put in the pocket. I know he will love it.
OK so I'm not really a sewer, although I would LOVE to be. To tell you the truth I haven't sewn anything since 7th grade and I was horrible at it. The whole time all I could do is think about my 7th grade teacher Ms Scott..... Well I'll be sewing a new one this weekend now that I figured out how to make a pillow but for now this one will do.

Dish towel came from target 2 pack for 3.99 and the washclothes were a 2 pack $2.50. I LOVE target.

The idea came from How Does she....Love this site

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ground hogs Day

We Made these cute little treats for Ground hogs day, They were a big hit.

Crinkle Nose....

Dylan's nose is so Stinkin Cute, when he Krinkles it up it's so Funny and right when you think it just can't crinkle anymore it does.

Starbuck's Carmel Frapachino....

Who Doesn't LOVE it!